An Important and Simple Roadmap to Analyze Failures and Avoid Poor Conclusions When Evaluating Failures of Metallic Products

Jairo Aparecido Martins, Estaner Claro Romão
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Fracture analysis is considered an anomaly that can either result in minor problems for product functionality or disastrous consequences when there are lives at stake. Also, it is an area of knowledge in which a narrow analysis or superficial evaluation allows problems to reoccur, which is basically time consuming because of machine downtime which leads to higher costs. Therefore, this paper presents an easy roadmap, to follow that allows engineers and technologists to analyse, with confidence, the root cause of failed parts. Additionally, it gives inputs on how to obtain important data leading to a precise and correct conclusion. Furthermore, it shows the main equipment to use in each step, in order to analyse the failed product, and it also demonstrates the capabilities of the equipment used and the output of this equipment. An accurate failure analysis passes through a detailed evaluation of all the possibilities, compiles them, collects data from the samples and consequently reaches a conclusion based on tangible evidence.


Failure analysis, Metallic products, Roadmap

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