Integrating Small Team Project-Based Learning in Introductory Manufacturing Engineering Technology: Design, Manufacture, and Race Hot Wheels-Type Cars

Justin Knighton, Ricky Orr
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We propose a compelling session for the ICONEST Conference 2023 that explores the innovative integration of small team project-based learning into introductory manufacturing engineering technology related courses. Our focus is on a hands-on project: designing, manufacturing, and racing Hot Wheels-type cars. This engaging project encompasses various facets of manufacturing engineering technology that includes simple design, manufacturing and assembly planning travelers, scheduling, budgeting, bill of materials, quality inspection, assembly and testing. Educators will gain insights into effective approaches, bridging the gap between theory and practice while equipping students with practical skills. We will explore the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software, fundamental tools in modern engineering, as well as explore simple machining, water jet cutting, and additive manufacturing. By incorporating project-based learning into our course curriculum, we not only foster a deep understanding of manufacturing principles but also cultivate problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity among students. The Hot Wheels-type car project is an ideal vehicle for teaching the entire manufacturing process, from conceptualization to execution and the students enjoy the competition. We believe that our proposal will make a valuable contribution to the conference's mission of advancing engineering technology education, and we look forward to engaging with colleagues and experts to further enhance the quality of manufacturing engineering technology and similar technology programs.


Manufacturing Engineering Technology, project-based learning, experiential learning, engineering education, engineering technology education, small group project, 3D printing competition

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