Medical Image Denoising Techniques: A Review

Rajesh Patil, Surendra Bhosale
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Medical imaging means the methods and procedures used for creating pictures of various parts of the human body for numerous clinical objectives. These images are constantly gets dirtied by noise during picture acquisition and transmission, resulting in low quality images. Noise is the unwanted signal which corrupts the important and desirable information. The noises can be categorized into different types based on their nature and origin. e.g. Gaussian, the impulsive and speckle noise etc. The removal of noise is very necessary for proper analysis and diagnosis. Filtering noise helps to recreate a high-quality image in digital image processing for further image processing such as segmentation of images, identification, recognition and monitoring, etc. There are various approaches to denoise medical images based on transform approach, machine learning, filtering method and statistical method. These techniques or approaches is subject to noise type exist in the image. To evaluate the denoising performance, parameters like SNR, PSNR etc. are used. This paper takes a review of current denoising techniques.


Review, Medical, Image, Denoising

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Patil, R., & Bhosale, S. (2022). Medical Image Denoising Techniques: A Review. International Journal on Engineering, Science and Technology (IJonEST), 4(1), 21-33.



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